What, The Folk?! A Recap

Direct BitChute Link   —- Carolyn Emerick on The After Party Livestream with No White Guilt and I.  We discuss how heritage and politics go hand-in-hand, and later take a deep dive into how one lives with a folk consciousness, a departure from modern literalism.  Not what you might expect:     -You can read Carolyn’s article which formed the basis for her After Party … Continue reading What, The Folk?! A Recap

Volklore Podcast with Carolyn Emerick: Rock ‘n’ Roll

 Archived Video Link A wide ranging conversation focusing on the ethos and spirit of Europeans, specifically as those expressed through classic rock music. Based on the article I wrote for Europa Sun magazine Issue 4, published April 2018, which was later expanded and published on Counter Currents. Continue reading Volklore Podcast with Carolyn Emerick: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jordan Peterson

Watch the embedded video below. Direct BitChute Link   Recently, Jordan Peterson has indicated that the individual and the individual alone is the force that combats the evils of the world. He’s also questioned the notion of “whiteness” and stated that only those who have accomplished nothing in their own lives are proud of their race. A map linked to below shows that individualism is … Continue reading Jordan Peterson