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~Reviewing the growing arts and culture initiatives in our sphere~

White Art Collective:







References for what was discussed:

For starters, please see the Links to Peers and Community Vids/Collabs pages on this site.


~List of what Jeff mentioned on air~


White Art Collective Projects:


  1. Online Shows:
    1. SNL-Stream hosted by Jeff Winston and Mama P.
    2. Friday Unplugged Now hosted by Hiraeth
    3. Movie Review Show hosted by WolfShield and Jeff Winston
    4. Poetry Show hosted by Nullus
    5. Music Show hosted by Honkey Kong
    6. Live Drawing Show hosted by Donald Kent
    7. Gallery Show hosted by XXX (in development)
    8. E-Celeb Karaoke hosted by XXX
    9. Culture News hosted by XXX
    10. Game Show hosted by XXX
    11. Fireside Stories hosted by XXX
    12. Artistic Dissection hosted by Jeff Winston
    13. War of the Words (One-Off Comedy Sketches)
  1. Special Projects
    1. Meming of a White Christmas Volume II
    2. White People’s Quarterly
    3. Supporting our Political Prisoners Compilation Album
    4. Annual Spooky Short Film Festival and Contest
    5. For the Lovers Songwriting Contest
    6. WAC Cinematic Universe (Strawman & Mr. Nation Buddy Cop Comedy Short)
    7. In Years To Come by Volk Dissident and Zorchwave
    8. Other Movie/Music Video/Show Premieres
    9. Folkbook
    10. The Dangdo Derndo Challenge
    11. The “Deepest Voice” Challenge
    12. The Whistling Challenge
  1. Live Events
    1. Traditional Dances
    2. WAC Fest
    3. Fallapalooza

The Great Order & No White Guilt Art/Cultural Projects:

  1. Last Message To The West Video Contest
  2. Who We Are Collaboration Video
  3. The Great Order & Philosophicat Skits
  4. No White Guilt’s “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”
  5. Lovely Porridges Animated Skit “The Boy Who Didn’t Like White People”
  6. White Wellbeing Community Music/Video Premieres


Jeff’s List of  Other Folks Working on Art/Cultural Projects:

Liberplay – Music streaming platform

STFU Hollywood – Right-Leaning Film Review

Donald Kent and Mark Brahmin’s Comic

StoneToss – Comic Strip

Traditionalist Western Art – The Decline and Fall of Western Art Book

Blackpilled – Film/Culture Analysis

Morgoth’s Review – Art/Culture Analysis

Martina Markota’s Metacog Art Magazine & TV Channel

Iconoclast Magazine

Nick DiPaulo

Owen Benjamin

Open Borders Movie

Unplanned Movie

Saving Country Music

Mel Gibson film “Rothchild”

Clint Eastwood film “Richard Jewel”



a resource on country music guitars

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